Thursday, July 13, 2006

New pics on flick!

Just a quick post to say that there are new pics on my flickr album - that's going to be the place for my photos to go while MSN spaces continues to not let me upload my photos on my other blog. So just click on the link to the right of this page for the pics...and don't be afraid to leave a comment :)

Take it easy,

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I love redundancy... least with my gadgets. I've just bought a firewire pc card today - its a long story as to how this ties into redundancy, but its got to do with the fact that my laptop is still in the shop (hopefully getting fixed), and until today, I had no way to upload the videos on my minidv to a computer. This is an unusual situation for me since I'm too much of an impatient, paranoid freak about everything that I am hardly without access to a backup of any of my devices...and because I'm not made of money, this usually means that I purposely buy things that can perform double duty in a pinch.

maybe next post, I'll share all my toys with you and what I used them for :)

Watch pat hanging out on youtube

This is what I've been doing every tuesday night (and I plan to continue
doing) for the last six months...and I think one of the funny things is the
fact that I'm actually scared of heights (though I subscribe to the 'don't
look down' philosophy, and its been working well for me so far)

ps: I cheated with this post and did it with a desktop (considering that I
had to upload the video on youtube first); anyhoo, hope you enjoy it.