Thursday, November 30, 2006

May I present: The creative zen vision M 60Gb!

Just got my hot little hands on a new Creative Zen Vision M (CZVM) :D Its a kick-ass mp3/wma/divx/xvid/mpeg/wmv player, and usb host feature built-in!

What is this usb host thing, you ask? Well, it means that you can connect a usb drive or camera to the CZVM (just as you would with a computer) and download the files from the drive/camera to it! No more running out of memory for all your piccies and vids (which happens all too often to me on holidays), and it has a nice 2.5' inch screen to view those downloaded images as well (which is a bit bigger than any of the screens on my cameras). On a cost per Gb comparison, $479 for 60Gb (just under $8 per Gb) vs $75 for a 2 Gb SD card ($37.50 per Gb), the CZVM is a darn good deal in my book. Having said that, there are a few things I don't like about the player, but I'll leave that for my full review, coming soon!

Stay tuned!

ps:That's a pic of my CZVM 60Gb charging up - that white thing attached to it is the multi-connector dongle (hehe, 'dongle'...)

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