Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Hunger/Gadget Games

Update 1st April 2013: Since having just bought the Acer Iconia W510 on Saturday (and thus wanting to use it all the time), I'll be using the Iconia for week 5, and pushing the X202E to the week after.
Update 17th March 2013: Seeing as (1) the HP Touchpad is discontinued and no one cares and (2) I can't find it at the moment, the MS Surface RT tablet will take its place for week 3.

I have too many computers - tablets, laptops and phones. In my defense, they are all very shiney, and I do usually use all of them at some time during the day. I think after years being a poor uni student, finally having a job with decent pay kinda made me go a bit overboard. I wish I could say that I've gotten better now, but my most recent purchase was only a month ago :/

Part of the reason why I have so many is that I upgrade, but I'm too much of a hoarder to sell/give away the old stuff, especially since they still work fine. If I was a sensible person, I would not buy anything until at least of few of my existing devices have died, but I'm not, but I am hoping to get better.

So as an experiment on downsizing, I thought I'd see how well each of my devices do at being my primary and only device - I've exempted my mobile phones from this for now, since I need to be reached, and also because I've pretty much committed to using my iPhone 4S as my smartphone. By identifying the one device I couldn't live without, I'm hoping to be able to slowly let go of the other stuff, and make smarter choices about future purchases.

In order to achieve this, I've chosen to dedicate a week for each device in my little stash and see how they fair at meeting my work and leisure requirements. Below are the list of gadgets I'll be testing:

1) iPad 3 (64Gb w/ cellular)
2) Asus Transformer TF300 with dock (32Gb, wifi)
3) iPad mini (16Gb, wifi)
4) HP Touchpad (Yes, the discontinued WebOS tablet, 16Gb, wifi)
5) Original Samsung Galaxy Tab (16Gb w/ Telstra NextG)
6) Asus X202E Touchscreen laptop (Celeron 847, 2Gb RAM, 320Gb HD, wifi)

Of all the devices that I'll be testing, the one device that I use the most is the iPad 3, mainly because it has 3G and that lovely retina display. I've also invested quite a bit of cash on the iOS store, and I find that all of the games I play (Sims Freeplay, Angry Birds Star Wars, Jetpack Joyride) whilst also being available for Android, look a bit better on the iPad. 

Apart from the list above, I do have other computers, such as my iPad 1 and my 13 inch MB Air, but I won't get rid of them because (1) the iPad 1 is worth nothing now (and is a good kitchen computer) and (2) the MBA is how I access and maintain my iPhoto library.

I wasn't sure on how to decide the order in which I test these things, so I've asked twitter to call out some numbers @ me, so the order will be:

1) Samsung Galaxy Tab (5 - thanks @JulzM); 
2) iPad Mini (3 - thanks @19bk69);
3) HP Touchpad (4 - thanks @northirid); Update 17th March 2013: MS Surface RT (borrowed from @thepatr1ck);
4) Asus Transformer TF300 (2 - thanks @bendurbubble and @19bk69);
5) Acer Iconia W510 (recently purchased on 30th March);
6) Asus X202E (6 - thanks @sylmobile and @manakatie);
7) iPad 3 (1 - which no one picked!)

So I shall start tomorrow with the Galaxy Tab (the oldest of the lot), and report back on Saturday :)

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